Exercícios sobre Present Perfect Continuous

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Questão 1

Mark the correct alternative that presents the Present Perfect Continuous’ structure:

  • Alice is reading books for the next test. She started two hours ago:

a) Alice has read books for the test.

b) Alice has been reading books for the test.

c) Alice has been read books for the test.

d) Alice has reading books for the test.

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Letra “b”

A estrutura do Present Perfect Continuous é: Sujeito + presente perfeito do verbo to be + presente do particípio do verbo principal. Assim, Alice (Sujeito) has been (presente perfeito do verbo to be) reading (presente do particípio do verbo principal) books for the test.

Questão 2

Make the Present Perfect Continuous affirmative sentences:

a) I/ read all day.

b) They/ listen to music rarely.

c) We/ learn French for three years.

d) it/ snow the trees are wet.

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a) I have been reading all day.

b) They have been rarely listening to music.

c) We have been learning French for three years.

d) It has been snowing, the trees are wet.

Questão 3

Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Continuous right form.

a) You look wonderful! What ___________________________(you / do)?

b) How long ___________________________(you / wait) for me?

c) She is really tired. She _______________________(run).

d) My mobile phone __________________(ring) all the time.

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a) You look wonderful! What have you been doing?

b) How long have you been waiting for me?

c) She is really tired. She has been running.

d) My mobile phone has been ringing all the time.

Questão 4

Complete the sentences with “since” or “for”.

a) Juan and Augustus have been learning French________ 2012.

b) Your mother has only been waiting ___________ 10 minutes. I promise!

c) They must to come! They haven't been on holiday ______ five years!

d) We haven't eaten anything __________ lunch.

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a) since

b) for

c) for

d) since

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