Exercícios sobre Collective Nouns

Exercícios de Inglês

Estes exercícios sobre Collective Nouns abordam as principais características dessa intrigante categoria de substantivos da língua inglesa. Publicado por: Janaína Pereira Mourão
questão 1

Complete the following sentences with the correct option:

The captain arrived with then members of his _____________.

My dream is to see the ____________ of lions.

I want to go to Africa so I could approach the ________________ of elephants there.

My boyfriend gave me a ___________ of red roses.

a) crew, litter, pride, bouquet.

b) litter, pride, archipelago, bouquet.

c) crew, pride, herd, bouquet.

d) pride, herd, crew, bouquet.

e) herd, pride, litter, bouquet.

questão 2

Mark the option that can form compound nouns:

1 – hair     a) going     b) brushing     c) moving

2 – court     a) army     b) martial     c) ball

3 – sub     a) way     b) road     c) street

4 – race     a) fly     b) rabbit     c) horse

a) 1 – c 2 – c 3 – b 4 – b

b) 1 – c 2 – a 3 – a 4 – a

c) 1 – a 2 – a 3 – b 4 – c

d) 1 – b 2 – b 3 – a 4 – c

e) 1 – b 2 – a 3 – a 4 – c

questão 3

Mark the incorrect alternative:

a) We're a team, and we'll win this game.

b) I love the cast of the movie Pride and Prejudice, they're all fantastic, they gave life to the characters from the book.

c) There was a caravan of camels here before you arrive.

d) My dream is have my own library at home!

e) You need to organizer this pile of dogs in your home.

questão 4

Sobre os “Collective Nouns”, é correto afirmar que:

a) The group of nouns that describe or modify another person or thing in the sentence.

b) The group of nouns that refers to a class or group of something it can be a group of person, class of animals or even things.

c) The group of nouns that any member of a class of words that function as the main elements of predicates, that typically express action, state, or a relation betweentwo things.

d) The group of nouns that containing a subject and verb acts as an adverb.

e) The group of nouns that which come at the beginning of the noun phrase.

questão 5

Complete the empt spaces with the rigth option:

My sister has a ___________of keys.

There was a _____________ of camels here before you arrive.

A _________ of birds are flying north.

I have a of___________ cats at my house.

a) troop, school, herd,caravan.

b) pack, caravan, cluster, flocks.

c) brunch, school, flocks, pack.

d) ring, caravan, flocks, clowder.

e) ring, flocks, caravan, clowder.

Questão 1

Letras "C".

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Questão 2

Letras "D".

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Questão 3

Letra "E".

Justificativa: Não se fala “ pile of dogs” em inglês, e sim “pack of dogs”. Usa-se “pile of papers”.

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Questão 4

Letra "B".

Justificativa: É a única definição para “collective nouns” nas alternativas acima.

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Questão 5

Letra "D".

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