Lista de exercícios: Gramática na prova de Inglês do Enem

Exercícios de Inglês

Com esta lista de exercícios sobre gramática na prova de Inglês do Enem, você se prepara para a prova que envolve essa língua estrangeira no exame. Publicado por: Richard Gomes Firmino
questão 1

(Enem 2015)

Tirinha Ridgway em enunciado de questão da prova de inglês do Enem 2015

Na tira da série For better or for worse, a comunicação entre as personagens fica comprometida em um determinado momento porque:

a) as duas amigas divergem de opinião sobre futebol.   

b) uma das amigas desconsidera as preferências da outra.   

c) uma das amigas ignora que o outono é temporada de futebol.   

d) uma das amigas desconhece a razão pela qual a outra a maltrata.  

e) as duas amigas atribuem sentidos diferentes a palavra season.

questão 2

(Enem 2015)

Why am I compelled to write? Because the writing saves me from this complacency I fear. Because I have no choice. Because I must keep the spirit of my revolt and myself alive. Because the world I create in the writing compensates for what the real world does not give me. By writing I put order in the world, give it a handle so I can grasp it.

ANZALDÚA, G. E. Speaking in tongues: a letter to third world women writers.

In: HERNANDEZ. J. B. (Ed.). Women writing resistance: essays on Latin America and the Caribbean. Boston: South End, 2003.

Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, falecida em 2004, foi uma escritora americana de origem mexicana que escreveu sobre questões culturais e raciais. Na citação, o intuito da autora é evidenciar as

a) razões pelas quais ela escreve.

b) compensações advindas da escrita.

c) possibilidades de mudar o mundo real.

d) maneiras de ela lidar com seus medos.

e) escolhas que ela faz para ordenar o mundo.

questão 3


King County Kicks Off Bag Recycling Campaign With ‘Bus Full Of Bags’

Cartaz informativo, em inglês, com orientações a respeito de reciclagem — enunciado questão UPF 2015.

In the sentence ‘The best way to recycle plastic bags is to stuff them all in a single bag, tie it up and bring them back to this store’, the expressions ‘them – it – them’ refer, respectively, to:

a) plastic bags / a single bag / plastic bags.

b) the best way / a single bag / plastic bags.

c) a single bag / plastic bags / a single bag.

d) this store / a single bag / plastic bags.

e) plastic bags / this store / plastic bags.

questão 4

(Imed 2015)

Mark Twain (1835-1910), 1____ real name was Samuel Langhorne Clemens, was the first writer of importance born west of the Mississipi River. His novels, short stories, essays, and lectures vividly portray the life of the American era in which he lived. Probably the most striking element of his writings is its 2down-to-earth, honest humor.

(Source: Lado,R. (1973). English Series, vol. 6. Regents Publishers, New York, p.268)

O pronome relativo que preenche corretamente a lacuna na referência 1 é:

a) that.

b) which.

c) whose.

d) what.

e) whom.

questão 5

(Unesp 2018) Leia o texto para responder às questões 05 e 06:

When does the brain work best?

The peak times and ages for learning

Foto de um relógio despertador, em preto e branco, em enunciado de questão da Unesp 2018

What’s your ideal time of the day for brain performance? Surprisingly, the answer to this isn’t as simple as being a morning or a night person. New research has shown that certain times of the day are best for completing specific tasks and listening to your body’s natural clock may help you to accomplish more in 24 hours.

Science suggests that the best time for our natural peak productivity is late morning. Our body temperatures start to rise just before we wake up in the morning and continue to increase through midday, Steve Kay, a professor of molecular and computational biology at the University of Southern California told The Wall Street Journal. This gradual increase in body temperature means that our working memory, alertness, and concentration also gradually improve, peaking at about mid-morning. Our alertness tends to dip after this point, but one study suggested that midday fatigue may actually boost our creative abilities. For a 2011 study, 428 students were asked to solve a series of two types of problems, requiring either analytical or novel thinking. Results showed that their performance on the second type was best at non-peak times of day when they were tired.

As for the age where our brains are at peak condition, science has long held that fluid intelligence, or the ability to think quickly and recall information, peaks at around age 20. However, a 2015 study revealed that peak brain age is far more complicated than previously believed and concluded that there are about 30 subsets of intelligence, all of which peak at different ages for different people. For example, the study found that raw speed in processing information appears to peak around age 18 or 19, then immediately starts to decline, but short-term memory continues to improve until around age 25, and then begins to drop around age 35, Medical Xpress reported. The ability to evaluate other people’s emotional states peaked much later, in the 40s or 50s. In addition, the study suggested that out our vocabulary may peak as late as our 60s’s or 70’s.

Still, while working according to your body’s natural clock may sound helpful, it’s important to remember that these times may differ from person to person. On average, people can be divided into two distinct groups: morning people tend to wake up and go to sleep earlier and to be most productive early in the day. Evening people tend to wake up later, start more slowly and peak in the evening. If being a morning or evening person has been working for you the majority of your life, it may be best to not fix what’s not broken.

(Dana Dovey. www.medicaldaily.com, 08.08.2016. Adaptado.)

No trecho do quarto parágrafo “while working according to your body’s natural clock”, o termo em destaque tem sentido, em português, de

a) quando

b) durante.

c) sobretudo.

d) mesmo que.

e) devido a.

questão 6

(Unesp 2018) No trecho do terceiro parágrafo “However, a 2015 study revealed”, o termo em destaque pode ser substituído, sem alteração de sentido, por;

a) although.

b) nevertheless.

c) inasmuch.

d) meanwhile.

e) whatever.

questão 7

 (UEG 2019)

Global warming is intensifying El Niño weather

As humans put more and more heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere, the Earth warms. And the warming is causing changes that might surprise us. Not only is the warming causing long-term trends in heat, sea level rise, ice loss, etc.; it’s also making our weather more variable. It’s making otherwise natural cycles of weather more powerful.

Perhaps the most important natural fluctuation in the Earth’s climate is the El Niño process. El Niño refers to a short-term period of warm ocean surface temperatures in the tropical Pacific, basically stretching from South America towards Australia. When an El Niño happens, that region is warmer than usual. If the counterpart La Niña occurs, the region is colder than usual. Often times, neither an El Niño or La Niña is present and the waters are a normal temperature. This would be called a “neutral” state.

The ocean waters switch back and forth between El Niño and La Niña every few years. Not regularly, like a pendulum, but there is a pattern of oscillation. And regardless of which part of the cycle we are in (El Niño or La Niña), there are consequences for weather around the world. For instance, during an El Niño, we typically see cooler and wetter weather in the southern United States while it is hotter and drier in South America and Australia.

It’s really important to be able to predict El Niño/La Niña cycles in advance. It’s also important to be able to understand how these cycles will change in a warming planet.

El Niño cycles have been known for a long time. Their influence around the world has also been known for almost 100 years. Having observed the effects of El Niño for a century, scientists had the perspective to understand something might be changing.

The relationship between regional climate and the El Niño/La Niña status in climate model simulations of the past and future. It was found an intensification of El Niño/La Niña impacts in a warmer climate, especially for land regions in North America and Australia. Changes between El Niño/La Niña in other areas, like South America, were less clear. The intensification of weather was more prevalent over land regions.

And this conclusion can be extended to many other situations around the planet. Human pollution is making our Earth’s natural weather switch more strongly from one extreme to another. It’s a weather whiplash that will continue to get worse as we add pollution to the atmosphere.

Fortunately, every other country on the planet (with the exception of the US leadership) understands that climate change is an important issue and those countries are taking action. It isn’t too late to change our trajectory toward a better future for all of us. But the time is running out. The Earth is giving us a little nudge by showing us, via today’s intense weather, what tomorrow will be like if we don’t take action quickly.

Disponível em: <https://www.theguardian.com/environment/climate-consensus-97-per-cent/2018/aug/29/global-warming-is-intensifying-el-nino-weather>. Acesso em: 19 set. 2018. (Adaptado).

Analisando-se aspectos linguísticos da língua inglesa, presentes no texto, constata-se que:

a) o termo “Perhaps”, em Perhaps the most important natural fluctuation, pode ser substituído por “Maybe” sem alterar o sentido.

b) o termo “might”, em something might be changing, pode ser substituído pelo vocábulo “should” sem alteração do sentido.

c) o vocábulo “If” na sentença if we don’t take action quickly, pode ser substituído por “Besides that” sem alteração de sentido.

d) o termo “can” em this conclusion can be extended, é um verbo modal e pode ser substituído por “must” sem alterar o sentido.

e) o vocábulo “also”, em It’s also important to be able to, pode ser substituído pelo termo “still” sem causar alteração de sentido.  

questão 8

(UEPB 2013)

Composed upon Westminster Bridge, September 3, 1802

Earth hath not anything to shorn more fair

Earth hath rot anything to show more fair:
DuIl would he be of soul who could pass by
A sight so touching in its majesty:
City now doth, like a garment, wear
The beauty of the morning; silent, bare,
Ships, towers, domes, theatres and temples lie
Open unto the fields, and to the sky;
All bright and glittering in the smokeless air.
Never did sun more beautifully steep
In his first splendor, valley, rock, or hill;
Ne’er saw I, never felt, a calm so deep!
The river glideth at this own sweet wiII:
Dear God! The very houses seem asleep;
And all the mighty heart is lying still!

WiIIam Wodsworth, Poems in Two Volums: Sonnet 14


hath = has
fair = beautiful

doth = does
garment = dress

steep = bathe
gIideth = flows

Which of the following groups of words from text is formed only by adding SUFFIXES?

a) smokeless, unto, glittering, mighty.

b) asleep, smokeless, beautifully, mighty.

c) glittering, smokeless, beautifully, mighty.

d) mighty, glittering, asleep, beautifully.

e) beautifully, smokeless, unto, mighty.

questão 9

(IFBA 2016)

Tirinha Garfield em questão de Inglês do IFBA 2016

About the Text, it is correct to say:

a) “Dress” is a noun.

b) “Might” expresses possibility.

c) Garfield liked the woman’s idea.

d) Jon has never tried the woman’s idea before.

e) “Experience” is formed by a prefix and a suffix.

questão 10

(IFBA 2012)

Gráfico com dados sobre a eliminação de resíduos sólidos nos EUA,1990.
Solid Waste Disposal in U.S. 1990

This graphic shows that the vast majority of the waste in the United States is landfilled. Since 1990, the numbers of recycled and composted waste have increased significantly.

(Disponível em http://www.elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/316solidwaste.html. Acesso em: 12.07.2011)

A expressão nominal “Solid Waste Disposal in U.S. 1990”, presente no texto, tem a seguinte estrutura:

a) Modificador + modificador + núcleo + pós-modificador.

b) Determinante + modificador + núcleo + pós-modificador.

c) Modificador + determinante + núcleo + pós-modificador.

d) Determinante + modificador + modificador + modificador + núcleo.

e) Determinante + modificador + núcleo + preposição + determinante + modificador + núcleo.

questão 11

(UFRGS 2004)

Literary purists cringe, but publishers know the easiest way to sell a book is with a new cover from Hollywood. 'The Hours', Michael Cunningham's novel inspired by Virginia Woolf's 1923 masterpiece 'Mrs. Dalloway', became a best seller only after winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1999. Now it has another life: 250,000 copies with a film image of Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman, who plays Woolf. "Movie art on books isn't as aesthetically pleasing to some purists", says Carl Lennertz of BookSense, the marketing organization for independent bookstores. "But it's essential to increased attention, display and accessibility to a much larger potential readership." Hollywood-inspired covers, he says, help "movie-goers, of whom there are more of than readers - a lot more, 1alas - make the connection to the book". Consider 'A Beautiful Mind', 5Sylvia Nasar's 6biography of 7John Nash, a brilliant but 2mentally troubled mathematician. The original 8paperback pictures Nash on the cover. The movie tie-in edition shows 9Russell Crowe, who portrayed Nash in the film. The publisher continues to print both editions, but the cover with the actor is 3far more popular than the one with 4the actual subject of the book.

USA Today, Dec. 30, 2002.

A expressão MENTALLY TROUBLED MATHEMATICIAN (ref. 2) tem a mesma combinação de elementos que a expressão:

a) very burnt steak.

b) pretty nice book.

c) physically well shaped.

d) dirty looking historian.

e) nice picture frame.

questão 12

(UFSM 2004)

Europe is born

In spring 1950 Europe was on the edge of the abyss. With the onset of the Cold War, the threat of conflict between its eastern and western halves loomed over the continent. Five years after the end of World War Two, the old enemies were still 11a long way from 2reconciliation.

What could be done to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past and to create the right conditions for a 1lasting peace between such recent enemies? The nub of the problem was the relationship between France and Germany. 10A link had to be forged between the two and all the 5free countries in Europe had to be 3united around them so that they could work together on building a community with 9a shared destiny. It was Jean Monnet, with his unique wealth of experience as a negotiator and man of peace, who 4suggested to the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, and the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, that 8a community of interest be established between their countries, in the shape of a jointly managed market in coal and steel under the control of an independent authority. The proposal was officially tabled by France on 9 May 1950, and was warmly received by Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

The treaty establishing the first European Community. the European Coal and Steel Community or ECSC, was eventually signed in April 1951, opening up the door to 12a Europe of 6practical achievements. Further achievements were to follow until we finally reached the European Union as it is today, 7a Union now opening up to the eastern half of the continent from which it has too long been separated.

http://europa.eu.int/abc/obj/chrono/40years/7days/en.htm 06/06/03

O fragmento "Further achievements were to follow" pode ser traduzido por:

a) Realizações adicionais seguiram-se.

b) Informações completas chegaram.

c) Trabalhos extras foram completados.

d) Outras notícias foram publicadas.

e) Propostas interessantes apareceram.

questão 13

(Unesp 2021)

Examine o cartum de Christopher Weyant, publicado em sua conta no Instagram em 16.08.2018.

Cartum de Christopher Weyant, onde se lê: “If I didn’t believe in a free press, would I be giving you this interview?”.

O recurso expressivo que contribui de maneira decisiva para a compreensão do cartum é:

a) a ironia.

b) o eufemismo.

c) a antítese.

d) a hipérbole.

e) o paradoxo.

questão 14

(IFBA 2012)

We need a new environmental consciousness on a global basis. To do this, we need to educate people.”

Mikhail Gorbachev

(Disponível em http://edugreen.teri.res.in/misc/quotes.htm. Acesso em: 12.07.2011)

A opção que melhor apresenta a mensagem da citação de Mikhail Gorbachev é:

a) If a new environmental consciousness is possible, the global basis will appreciate it.

b) If we need a new environmental consciousness, we should do our educated tasks.

c) If we needed educated people, a new environmental consciousness would be gotten on a global basis.

d) If we were educated people, a new environmental consciousness would be possible on a global basis.

e) If there is a new environmental consciousness on a global basis, we will be educated people.

questão 15

(Enem 2017)

Texto publicitário em inglês onde se lê: “Take your car just anyplace for an oil change, and you may regret it. Down the road.

Nesse texto publicitário são utilizados recursos verbais e não verbais para transmitir a mensagem. Ao associar os termos anyplace e regret à imagem do texto, constata-se que o tema da propaganda é a importância da:

a) preservação do meio ambiente.

b) manutenção do motor.

c) escolha da empresa certa.

d) consistência do produto.

e) conservação do carro.

questão 16

(Enem 2017)

One of the things ‘that made an incredible impression on me in the film was Frida’s comfort in and celebration of her own unique beauty. She didn’t try to fit into conventional ideas or images about womanhood or what makes someone or something beautiful. Instead, she fully inhabited her own unique gifts, not particularly caring what other people thought. She was magnetic and beautiful in her own right. She painted for years, not to be a commercial success or to be discovered, but to express her own inner pain, joy, family, love and culture. She absolutely and resolutely was who she was. The trueness of her own unique vision and her ability to stand firmly in her own truth was what made her successful in the end.

HUTZLER, L. Disponível em: www.etbscreenwriting.com.

Acesso em: 6 maio 2013.

A autora desse comentário sobre o filme Frida mostra-se impressionada com o fato de a pintora:

a) ter uma aparência exótica.

b) vender bem a sua imagem.

c) ter grande poder de sedução.

d) assumir sua beleza singular.

e) recriar-se por meio da pintura.

questão 17

(Enem 2017)

Israel Travel Guide

Israel has always been a standout destination. From the days of prophets to the modern day nomad this tiny slice of land on the eastern Mediteranean has long attracted visitors. While some arrive in the ‘Holy Land’ on a spiritual quest, many others are on cultural tours, beach holidays and eco-tourism trips. Weeding through Israel’s convoluted history is both exhilarating and exhausting. There are crumbling temples, ruined cities, abandoned forts and hundreds of places associated with the Bible. And while a sense of adventure is required, most sites are safe and easily accessible. Most of all, Israel is about its incredible diverse population. Jews come from all over the world to live here, while about 20% of the population is Muslim. Politics are hard to get away from in Israel as everyone has an opinion on how to move the country forward – with a ready ear you’re sure to hear opinions from every side of the political spectrum.

Disponível em: www.worldtravelguide.net. Acesso em: 15 jun. 2012.

Antes de viajar, turistas geralmente buscam informações sobre o local para onde pretendem ir. O trecho do guia de viagens de Israel:

a) descreve a história desse local para que turistas valorizem seus costumes milenares.

b) informa hábitos religiosos para auxiliar turistas a entenderem as diferenças culturais.

c) divulga os principais pontos turísticos para ajudar turistas a planejarem sua viagem.

d) recomenda medidas de segurança para alertar turistas sobre possíveis riscos locais.

e) apresenta aspectos gerais da cultura do país para continuar a atrair turistas estrangeiros.

questão 18

(Enem 2016)

Italian university switches to English

By Sean Coughlan, BBC News education correspondent

16 May 2012 Last updated at 09:49 GMT

Milan is crowded with Italian icons, which makes it even more of a cultural earthquake that one of Italy’s leading universities — the Politecnico di Milano — is going to switch to the English language. The university has announced that from 2014 most of its degree courses — including all its graduate courses — will be taught and assessed entirely in English rather than Italian.

The waters of globalisation are rising around higher education — and the university believes that if it remains Italian-speaking it risks isolation and will be unable to compete as an international institution. “We strongly believe our classes should be international classes — and the only way to have international classes is to use the English language”, says the university’s rector, Giovanni Azzone.

COUGHLAN, S. Disponível em: www.bbc.co.uk.

Acesso em: 31 jul. 2012.

As línguas têm um papel importante na comunicação entre pessoas de diferentes culturas. Diante do movimento de internacionalização no ensino superior, a universidade Politecnico di Milano decidiu:

a) elaborar exames em língua inglesa para o ingresso na universidade.

b) ampliar a oferta de vagas na graduação para alunos estrangeiros.

c) investir na divulgação da universidade no mercado internacional.

d) substituir a língua nacional para se inserir no contexto da globalização.

e) estabelecer metas para melhorar a qualidade do ensino de italiano.

questão 19

(Enem 2016)

Frankentissue: printable cell technology

In November, researchers from the University of Wollongong in Australia announced a new bio-ink that is a step toward really printing living human tissue on an inkjet printer. It is like printing tissue dot-by-dot. A drop of bio-ink contains 10,000 to 30,000 cells. The focus of much of this research is the eventual production of tailored tissues suitable for surgery, like living Band-Aids, which could be printed on the inkjet.

However, it is still nearly impossible to effectively replicate nature’s ingenious patterns on a home office accessory. Consider that the liver is a series of globules, the kidney a set of pyramids. Those kinds of structures demand 3D printers that can build them up, layer by layer. At the moment, skin and other flat tissues are most promising for the inkjet.

Disponível em: http://discovermagazine.com.

Acesso em: 2 dez. 2012.

O texto relata perspectivas no campo da tecnologia para cirurgias em geral, e a mais promissora para este momento enfoca o(a):

a) uso de um produto natural com milhares de células para reparar tecidos humanos.

b) criação de uma impressora especial para traçar mapas cirúrgicos detalhados.

c) desenvolvimento de uma tinta para produzir pele e tecidos humanos finos.

d) reprodução de células em 3D para ajudar nas cirurgias de recuperação dos rins.

e) extração de glóbulos do fígado para serem reproduzidos em laboratório.

questão 20

(Enem 2016)

BOGOF is used as a noun as in ‘There are some great bogofs on at the supermarket’ or an adjective, usually with a word such as ‘offer’ or ‘deal’ — ‘there are some great bogof offers in store’.

When you combine the first letters of the words in a phrase or the name of an organisation, you have an acronym. Acronyms are spoken as a word so NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is not pronounced N-A-T-O. We say NATO. Bogof, when said out loud, is quite comical for a native speaker, as it sounds like an insult, ‘Bog off!’ meaning go away, leave me alone, slightly childish and a little old-fashioned.

BOGOF is the best-known of the supermarket marketing strategies. The concept was first imported from the USA during the 1970s recession, when food prices were very high. It came back into fashion in the late 1990s, led by big supermarket chains trying to gain a competitive advantage over each other. Consumers were attracted by the idea that they could get something for nothing. Who could possibly say ‘no’?

Disponível em: www.bbc.co.uk.

Acesso em: 2 ago. 2012 (adaptado).

Considerando-se as informações do texto, a expressão “bogof” é usada para:

a) anunciar mercadorias em promoção.

b) pedir para uma pessoa se retirar.

c) comprar produtos fora de moda.

d) indicar recessão na economia.

e) chamar alguém em voz alta.

Questão 1

A alternativa correta é a [E], pois a palavra season foi utilizada com dois sentidos diferentes. No segundo quadrinho, uma das amigas utiliza a palavra como estação do ano. Pode-se entender tal sentido pelo uso das expressões the air's cool (o ar está fresco), the leaves are turning (as folhas estão caindo) e autumn (outono). A outra amiga entende season como temporada, pois ocorre a associação com football (futebol).  

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Questão 2

A alternativa correta é a [A]. A autora evidencia as razões pelas quais escreve. Ela começa o texto com a pergunta "Why am I compelled to write?", ou seja, "Por que sou compelida a escrever?". A sequência do texto é um conjunto de respostas à pergunta. Ela lista as razões que a levam a escrever: "Porque escrever me salva da complacência que eu temo. Porque eu não tenho escolha. Porque eu devo manter vivos o espírito de minha revolta e eu mesma. Porque o mundo que eu crio quando escrevo é uma compensação pelo que o mundo real me nega...".

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Questão 3

A alternativa correta é a [A].

Tradução do trecho: "the best way to recycle plastic bags is to stuff them all in a single bag, tie it up and bring them back to this store" (a melhor maneira de reciclar sacolas plásticas é colocá-las todas juntas em uma única sacola, amarrá-la e trazê-las de volta a esta loja). Assim, a alternativa [A] está correta, pois os pronomes pessoas referem-se, respectivamente, a sacolas plásticas, a uma única sacola e a sacolas plásticas.

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Questão 4

A alternativa correta é a [C].

A lacuna deve ser completada pelo pronome relativo whose (cujo), pois ele é seguido pelo substantivo name (nome) e transmite a ideia de posse. Tradução do trecho: "Mark Twain (1835-1910), cujo nome real era...".

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Questão 5

A alternativa [D] está correta, pois a conjunção while pode ser entendida como "mesmo que". Tradução do trecho: "mesmo que trabalhando de acordo com nosso relógio biológico".

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Questão 6

A alternativa [B] é a correta, pois however e nevertheless são sinônimos (contudo/entretanto).

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Questão 7

A alternativa [A] está correta, pois os advérbios perhaps e maybe são sinônimos e significam talvez.

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Questão 8

A alternativa [C] é a única que possui palavras formadas apenas por sufixação. Os sufixos encontram-se destacados a seguir: glittering, smokeless, beautifully e mighty.

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Questão 9

A alternativa correta é a [B]. O verbo modal might indica possibilidade remota.

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Questão 10

A alternativa correta é a [A].

No sintagma nominal “solid waste disposal in U.S. 1990”, os adjetivos solid e waste modificam o substantivo (núcleo) disposal. A preposição in, o substantivo U.S. e o numeral 1990 também funcionam como modificadores e, por estarem depois do núcleo, recebem o nome de pós-modificadores.

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Questão 11

A alternativa correta é a [A].

A estrutura seguida foi advérbio, adjetivo (particípio) e substantivo.

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Questão 12

A alternativa correta é a [A]. A tradução correta é “Realizações adicionais seguiram-se”.

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Questão 13

A alternativa [A] está correta, pois o prisioneiro não está entrevistando o rei, mas está sendo torturado. O rei fala: “Se eu não acreditasse na liberdade da imprensa, eu estaria dando esta entrevista?”.

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Questão 14

A alternativa correta é a [D]. A citação de Gorbachev significa que ter pessoas educadas (informadas) é condição para uma conscientização ambiental global.

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Questão 15

A alternativa correta é a [C].

O anúncio pode ser entendido da seguinte maneira: “Leve o seu carro a qualquer lugar para uma mudança de óleo e você se arrependerá no fim da rua”. A ideia da frase é a de que a escolha de uma empresa é fundamental para o seu carro.

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Questão 16

A alternativa correta é a [D].

O seguinte trecho é crucial para a resolução da questão: "She didn't try to fit into conventional ideas or images about womanhood or what makes someone or something beautiful. Instead, she fully inhabited her own unique gifts, not particularly caring what other people thought. She was magnetic and beautiful in her own right". Em tradução livre, o excerto pode ser entendido da seguinte maneira: "Ela não tentava se encaixar a ideias ou imagens convencionais sobre ser uma mulher ou aquilo que torna alguém ou algo lindo. Na verdade, ela habitou seus próprios dons singulares, não se preocupando em particular com o que os as outras pessoas achavam. Ela era magnética e linda a sua maneira".

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Questão 17

A alternativa correta é a [E]. O texto como um todo trata dos aspectos gerais de Israel. O seguinte trecho é justificativa para escolha da alternativa: “Israel has always been a standout destination. From the days of prophets to the modern day nomad this tiny slice of land on the eastern Mediteranean has long attracted visitors” (Israel sempre foi um destino de destaque. Desde os dias dos profetas até o nômade dos tempos modernos essa pequena fatia de terra no lado leste do Mediterrâneo há muito tempo atrai visitantes).

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Questão 18

A alternativa correta é a [D], pois o texto coloca: “The university has announced that from 2014 most of its degree courses – including all its graduate courses – will be taught and assessed entirely in English rather than Italian” (A universidade anunciou que a partir de 2014 a maior parte de seus cursos de formação – incluindo todos seus cursos de graduação – serão ensinados e avaliados inteiramente em inglês ao invés de italiano). Além disso, o texto coloca: “The waters of globalisation are rising around higher education – and the university believes that if it remains Italian-speaking, it risks isolation and will be unable to compete as an international institution” (As águas da globalização estão subindo em torno do ensino superior – e a universidade acredita que se ela continuar falante de italiano, há o risco de ela se isolar e será incapaz de competir como uma instituição internacional).

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Questão 19

A alternativa [C] está correta, pois o texto coloca: “at the moment, skin and other flat tissues are most promising for the inkjet” (no momento, a pele e outros tecidos humanos finos são os mais promissores para a impressora jato de tinta).

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Questão 20

A alternativa correta é a [A], pois a expressão BOGOF (buy one get one free – compre um e ganhe um de graça) é entendida pelo texto da seguinte maneira: “BOGOF is used as a noun as in ‘There are some great bogofs on at the supermarket’ or an adjective, usually with a word such as ‘offer’ or ‘deal’ – ‘there are some great bogof offers in store’” (BOGOF é usado como um substantivo em ‘Há alguns ótimos bogofs no supermercado’ ou como um adjetivo, em geral, como uma palavra tal como ‘oferta’ ou ‘negócio’ – há algumas ótimas ofertas bogof na loja).

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